Esperanza Gomez Quick Facts

Alias: None
Date of Birth: 5/13/1983
Home Town: Belalcazar, Colombia
Measurements: 36D-23-36
Height: 5’7
Hair Color: Brunette
Eye Color: Brown

Esperanza Gomez Biography

Sexy Latina babe Esperanza Gomez was born in Belalcazar, Colombia in 1983. It is unknown exactly when Esperanza made her appearance on the adult industry scene but since her debut she has been taking the hardcore porn world by storm.

Esperanza Gomez stands at 5’7 and weighs 121lbs. Esperanza’s most loved feature by her many fans is her delicious 36D implants. Esperanza’s perfectly balanced figure measures in at 36D-23-36.  Esperanza does not currently have any tattoos or piercings.

During her adult career Esperanza Gomez has been successful in overtaking the hardcore niche and is often found with her lips wrapped around a fat cock. Esperanza has worked with many studios including big name studios like Bang Brothers.

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